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We know that success in education only comes by a close, working, profitable partnership between parents and teachers. One of our main drives is to continually strengthen the bonds between families and the school, and hence the launch of the P 'n P Initiative. At the beginning of each year, each class will nominate a Parent in Partnership representative to assist with the co-ordination of Friendraising and Fundraising activities at the first Parent Evening of the year.

Parent Involvement in Everyday School Life

We desire to make a contribution to education in our nation – providing Biblical answers to the problems we face. In order for this to happen, research has proven that buy-in to the vision and values of an organisation, has to happen from everyone. This is what I feel needs to take place, as we all start working together to ensure development occurs. The aim is to develop a COMMUNITY of FRIENDS who work together to ensure a quality education for each child. There is so much that we would like to accomplish throughout the school but are unable to tap into this without the partnership, resources, ideas and input from ALL parents. We are aware that there are so many ideas, talents and resources that we have yet to make use of in our parent body and we would like to start the process of doing so. Remember that the benefits of this type of partnership will extend not only to your child, but also affect the lives of other children and the future students that are yet to sit in our classrooms. We hope that this initiative will become a model for other educational institutes, displaying first-hand what can be done when everyone gets involved.

The aim of the P 'n P (Parents in Partnership) Initiative is twofold:

Friend – Raising:

Helping to create a COMMUNITY of love, honour, respect, friendship within the parent body and school in general. This will be accomplished by organised social events for parents, students; assisting with communication between school and parents; co-ordinating parent prayer morning; and developing strong bonds in the school.

Fund – Raising:

Assisting with the increased demands of development, improving our facilities/resources and building a 21st Century School that brings glory to the King! Proceeds will also go towards Student Bursaries.

We look forward to partnering with ALL parents in this endeavour.