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We believe that education can never be 'in part' but must take into account the development of the whole child. This mean ensuring that each student is given ample opportunity to develop in all five developmental areas: spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially. Our approach is this multi-faceted to ensure that well-rounded, well-adjusted and secure young adults graduates from the school. To accomplish this goal we build everything we do around what we call our five pillars. Pillars because we desire to see our students become pillars in their communities and the nations of the world.

The first pillar on which all the others rest is 'Spiritual Development':
The heart behind everything we do is to help our students develop their own personal relationship with Jesus, and build their lives from a Biblical viewpoint. We trust that in every part of our academic programme and extra-curricular programme a desire for Jesus is fanned into flame in their lives and an understanding of who God is begins to form in their lives. We believe in the active power of the whole God Head (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and encourage each student to be able to live lives that are both supernaturally natural and naturally supernatural. This includes embracing the gifts of the Holy Spirit, walking in supernatural power as Jesus waked here on earth and following the commands given by our loving Father in Heaven as laid out in the Bible.

We also passionately believe that every child, no matter who they are, has a special purpose from God and it is our job (in partnership with parents) to bring this out in each child. Students are activated in their faith by participating in daily devotional times which provide ample opportunity for worship, prayer and bible study. They are taught and rewarded for godly character, and participate actively in community outreach and church life. Our heart is to see a victorious next generation emerge –

a generation of uncontaminated and set apart young men and women that will make in impact in their generation and the world.
a generation who are equipped and empowered by the Holy Spirit to forcefully advance the Kingdom of God.
a generation who are uncompromising and unashamed in living out the Truth.
a generation of warriors 'after Gods own heart'.
For this we continue to do what we do...

Academic development

Our next pillar is 'Academic Development':
We offer an individualized education package that allows students to work at their own pace, and according to their own learning style. The curriculum is internationally recognized and incorporates character development and Biblical teaching in every part of the learning process. Each day's academic work is complimented by a vast variety of extra-curricular activities including art, IT, music, drama and more! Students are given opportunities to participate in external Olympiads and competitions to put their knowledge and keen desire to learn to the test, as well as participate in a variety of field trips and workshops to consolidate work done in the classroom. The school also boasts a newly acquired IT centre where students learn vital skills to be equipped for the technological age we find ourselves in. We seek to develop inquiring minds, creative thinkers, and skilled hands and our individual, multi-faceted approach give momentum to this vision.

We are constantly striving to upgrade our facilities so that we remain on the cutting edge of new education trends and appreciate the consistent efforts of the parent body and donors of the school for allowing this to happen. As a Christian School this remains a constant journey of faith and we are in awe at what God has done and is doing as we trust him to grow the school.

physical development

Our next pillar is 'Physical Development': 
Oasis Preparatory School aims to assist children in establishing a culture of fitness and well-being from an early age. In the early years, an emphasis on hand-eye co-ordination, gross motor skills development, basic ball skills, and learning to swim will be a priority. Each child has the opportunity to take part in team sports twice a week. Guidance on healthy eating habits, hygiene and basic first aid are also given during the various focus weeks held each term. 

We also see to ensure that 'Emotional Development' remains a key priority in education: 
We seek to maintain a family school environment where students feel comfortable to express themselves in a constructive manner, and take every opportunity to build confidence. A secure, loving and nurturing environment is vital for this and at Oasis we constantly seek to ensure that the tone in which we instruct, guide, discipline and lead is saturated with love and restoration. Our staff has a clear mandate from God to represent our Father in Heaven to our students - offering love and redemption, grace and mercy, correction and instruction, guidance and discipline. We desire to see young men and women emerge from our school whole, strong, and well-balanced. The kind of men and women that add value to their families, businesses, government and the communities they live. Those that know how to work through things in a Godly way and express themselves in a positive manner. Men and women who have self-discipline, emotional maturity and a steadfast desire to pursue the plan of God for their lives above all else. This is achieved through focused equipping in life skills – overcoming difficulty, dealing with conflict, finding your life purpose, choosing life, controlling your tongue to name but a few. Our life orientation programme and daily devotional time provide staff with ample opportunity to guide students in life and Biblical ways. We also run a discipleship programme every two weeks were students across the ages meet with a particular staff member to discuss life. They are wonderful times of relationship building and mutual encouragement.

The foundation years of a child's life are the most important for training and thus a child must be trained according to the pattern of the Word of God rather than the pattern of the world. Our encouragement to parents is always to view training an education in the light of eternity. Decisions and plans for today may result in momentary gain but decisions based on the Word of God and with eternity in mind mean they carry eternal rewards. This is where parents play such a huge role. We believe that parents are the most important people in the development of their child and that God has given a clear mandate for the training of children to fathers and mothers in Ephesians 6v4; and Proverbs 1v8. That's why we are not just a place for students but also for parents. We know you are the best parent for your child – God has handpicked you for this role but sometimes we get waylaid along the way and need a helping hand to point us in the right direction. We are here to give us much guidance and encouragement as we can. We don't have all the answers but we desire to join our faith with yours to see your family become all that God has called you to. When parents are actively involved in their children's education and are a support to the school it makes the whole educational experience far more rewarding for everyone. The positive spin-offs for students when their parents take an interest in their school experience are numerous and this type of support means that a close partnership can be formed between the classroom and home. Our heart is definitely not to be a place where parents just drop off their child and pick them up at the end of the day, but rather a place where each parent (both mom and dad) can add something to the life of the school. That's why we have parents helping out with sport, extra-curricular activities, the library or school functions – anywhere really where they can add value to their child's education and the education of future generations. So to our future parents, we want you to know that there is definitely a place for you to get involved and help build a great future for this school. We need your support!

Our fifth and final pillar is 'Social Development' 
We seek to equip students with skills that will ensure positive interactions between different ages, genders, and races. As a school we take every opportunity to teach and model these skills through our Special Interest Clubs, Life Skills and discipleship groups. Students are given the opportunity to build vital communication skills within a family environment where everyone is included. We place value on everyone's point of view and students are expected to conduct their relationships in a God-honouring way – loving their neighbour as themselves, offering respect and tolerance for differences, and reaching out to everyone no matter their differences.

We value team and believe that all students should learn how to function as part of a team. This interaction must be with both their immediate age group, as well as age groups younger or older than their own. A group dynamic will be encouraged throughout the students' education, as well as a focus on developing vital social skills necessary for students to be leaders in their spheres of influence. Values such as respect, good manners, honour, courtesy and humility will form the basis of this training. As each student finds their own identity in Christ, they become unstoppable in their pursuit of their dreams. They begin to affect those around them positively and this is our heart – bring life, hope, and love to our communities and this starts with us..