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The heart of The Oasis Church, Howick has always been to be an Oasis - a place where people can come in and be trained, refreshed and then released into the fullness of what God has for them, being equipped in every area of life. We have seen the outworking of this in many different ministries where mostly adults have been trained up in the ways of the Lord, taught to walk in the paths He has set for them, and encounter His plan for their life.

God began stirring in our hearts for a very long time to establish a school in which children have this same opportunity, but with a greater advantage because they are starting with a clean slate - they don't have to "unlearn" the ways of the world first. It is in these formative years that the foundations are set for the rest of a child's life.

Psalm 78: 1-4
"O my people hear my teaching
Listen to the words of my mouth.
I will open my mouth in parables,
I will utter hidden things from of old-
What we have heard and known,
What our fathers have told us.
We will not hide them from our children;
We will tell the next generation
The praiseworthy deeds of the Lord,
His power, and the wonders he has done."

In Matthew 19:14 Jesus says "suffer the little children to come unto me and do not hinder them, for such is the Kingdom of heaven." He knew the importance of the children, those under the age of accountability being in the presence of Jesus. He even went to great lengths to say that the kingdom of heaven will belong to children who had been with Jesus. We believe that children first need to be trained up in the presence of Jesus under the covering of their parents before they are sent out into the world around the age of accountability.

We have realised that there is a tremendous need for this kind of education in Howick and the surrounding areas and so with great faith we launched out to establish Oasis Preparatory School in February 2008.

- Founders Matt & Doni Hogarty


Oasis Preparatory School opened its doors on 4 February 2008 with 22 excited students, faith-filled parents and a total of 6 staff members. These 22 students ranged in ages but had one common trait – a desire to see God becoming real in their life. The early days of the school were characterised by many great testimonies where God overwhelmed us with supplying all our needs richly and confirming the call on this school to become a LIGHT for this community. We honour the faithful families that dared to believe the education could look different and gave themselves wholeheartedly to the vision of building a quality Christian school in the KZN Midlands. We also had many courageous teachers joining us in the early days without certainty of a pay cheque at the end of the month but with a conviction for Biblical education.


Opening our doors with 22 students and 6 staff members! 
Pre-School Class was established
Hosted our first Interhouse Swimming Gala

Spending the day freezing during our first annual Athletics Day. All the children huddled under blankets when they weren’t running. 
Doing ‘Daniel in the Lions’ Den’ at prize giving. What an amazing response from the crowd!
Introduced Music and Choir programme

Participating in our first All Africa Student Convention and our students receiving top honours, including two international nominations
First Family Fun Day – Amazing Race. Fun was had by all!
Lots of development – renting property next door and establishing sports facility, opening of our IT Centre sponsored by Uniforum, and our first school bus arrived after much prayer!

Hosting a ‘Masked Ball’
Going Green – the start of our Recycling Centre which now recycles tons of waste each year.
Psalty the Singing Songbook Production performed to 10 full houses. What a quality performance

Going on our first school tour – a 3 day History tour to battle sites in KZN. We had the awesome opportunity to also pray, repent and prophesy over each site.
Pioneering the LOVE Howick campaign – an initiative to encourage positive declarations over our town through writing and art
First science lab installed and went on our first international outreach to Mozambique

Picnic Carnival – our parent social evening was an absolute hit!
Going to watch the Stars of the Ballet Moscow with High School students
First Speech and Drama Festival
Coming in the top 10 in South Africa for Bible Studies in the Conquesta Olympiad
Opened School of the Arts with a dynamic music, dance, drama, sound, writing programme

Hosted our first Inter-School Choir Festival 
Launched a greater partnership between ACE schools in the Midlands area through various shared events, sports fixtures, principals breakfasts
Launched Oasis Home Education Academy
'My African Dream' production

Hosted “Moroccan Evening”
Launch of Learning Identity in Senior Primary
Hosted Market Day at PnP
Launch of our Phase 2 downstairs building – foundation/slab laid
Additional instruments and ballet added to our School of the Arts programme
Launch of our special interest clubs
Launch of SNAG
Unshakeable production
Hosted “A Red Carpet Affair”
Life Science Tour

Launch of Sport Academy 
School renamed Oasis Preparatory School
Launch of “Snack Barn”
Launch of “Legacy Run”
Hosted ‘A Vintage Summer Soiree’
Launch of Community Garden by our Eco Club
Launch of LEGOcy Project
'A Little Princess' Production

Completed Classroom Block
Installed new jungle gym
Hosted a Choir Festival with an international choir
Jaguar Primary Schools Challenge
Hosted ‘Black and White and Something Bright’
Great Song Quest’

10 Year Celebration
‘Annie’ Production
Grade 6 – 7 Leadership Camp
Hosted ‘A Night Under The Stars’