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Excellent facilities at Oasis Prep allow for exciting academic programmes that accommodate students individual needs and rate of development. At Oasis we make use of an internationally recognised curriculum that fosters creativity & innovation, quality learning, and a focus on developing the whole child. These include: Singapore Maths & Science (top in the world), Keys to Reading Success, together with a wide variety of recognised subject specific material, practical’s, outings and focus weeks. Our academic programmes are led by a diverse mix of qualified educators & assistants, and supported by a fully equipped Media Centre with cutting edge technology & library. These are winning ingredients for your child!



As a leading voice in the Arts education world, we offer every student with ample scope to develop their creative ability in a nurturing environment. With professional instructors that exclude passion for their subjects, students have opportunity to take part in examinations, productions, competitions & exhibitions. Programmes on offer include: Drama, Visual Arts, Ballet, Choir, Worship Band, Vocal Ensemble, Private Music Lessons (Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Violin, Flute Tuba, Trumpet, Trombone, Drum-Kit, Vocal-Training & more).



There are a wide range of individual & team sports offered at Oasis Prep that are coached by both professional coaches & school staff. These include: learn-to-swim, swimming, tennis, squash, netball, soccer, hockey, golf and ball skills. Sports practices take place on the school property & various facilities around town. Students are transported in the school bus to off-premises sports practices & matches.