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Outreaches are an incredibly vital part of our school. God has called us to be His witnesses and our heart is to 'go into all the world and preach the gospel' (Matthew 28:19) – we want to establish His kingdom everywhere we go.

Over the course of the last few years, I have been privileged to form part of a team of students and staff who share a desire to see our town – Howick – impacted by the glory of God and to see it turned upside down with REVIVAL. We make it our mission to go on at least one outreach per term per class and the children look forward to these times with great excitement and zeal. It is amazing to see how God touches the lives of the lost through the love and obedience of His children. 

Some testimonies from some our outreaches: 

History Makers – The History Makers are a group of elderly people from The Oasis Church who meet together every Wednesday morning. We decided to have a treasure hunt – each child prayed for a prophetic word for someone in that group. The catch was that they were not given the name of a person, they had to ask God for specifics about the person they needed to give the word to – ie colours of clothing, type of shoes, hair length, name. 

'I was dressed in a different outfit this morning and I felt I needed to change. When I got to History Makers, one of the OPS students' came up to me and told me that God had given them a word for someone dressed in blue. The word was exactly what I needed to hear – the prophecy was spot on!' 

Greendale House – We went to Greendale House, which is an old age home. We spent the day praying for and chatting to residents. 

'It was so encouraging to have the opportunity to pray for the elderly – it was so much fun!'

Amberglen – We visited the frail care of Amberglen retirement home and were given the opportunity to pray for and sing to the residents. 

'Two of us felt we needed to pray for an old man who looked very sad. We went up to him and asked if we could pray. He said no so we moved on. The next minute he came rushing up to us and asked us if we would pray for him. He had just lost his son and was very hurt and upset. We prayed the peace and comfort of God over him and gave him encouraging words. It was like he became a different person after that – he smiled and even asked us to come back soon!' 

Greendale Spar – This was an outreach where the school band joined the outreach club and we had a time of praise and worship in front of Greendale Spar in Howick. 

'At first it was scary playing songs in front of a shop. But people really got involved and some people even asked if they could pay us! We also had time to pray for some of the shoppers. It was incredible watching people hearing songs that glorify God and watching expression change and people get freed up.' 

Angel Care school – As a class, we went to one of the disadvantaged preschools' in our area and spent the morning singing and playing with the little children there.

'The thing that I will never forget is the look on the children's faces when they saw how we had set up their classrooms with their new toys. It is an amazing feeling to know that we are showing people around us who Jesus is just by being His lights.' 

Howick clinic – We went to Howick clinic and performed skits that the children wrote based on Bible stories and led worship. We also took the opportunity to pray for the sick people who were waiting to see nurses.

'We went around the room praying for the sick and there was one lady who couldn't talk. A group of us prayed for her and she was healed – she could speak!' 

Restaurants – We take the students after school to Wimpy or Nutmeg or one of the other local restaurants to pray and prophesy over people that God leads them to.

'It is daunting to begin with – we all pray in a group and ask God for a word for a specific person. But it is incredible to see how God works – almost every time the words we get are so similar! We then pray for that person and share what God has said. It is so awesome to see how amazed they are that God loves them enough to speak to them. And it is awesome to know that I am the vessel that God is using to show His love.' 

These are just some of the many testimonies we have. Or children have witnessed the sick healed, people giving their hearts to God and so much more. Our aim is to make the supernatural completely natural – faith without works is dead so we encourage our children to trust for BIG things and then stand back and watch as their faith in action sparks miracles.