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The aim of Enrichment Week is to broaden and expand learners' horizons. This 'focus week' takes place during the last week of every term and provides exciting opportunities for discovery, application of concepts learned in real-life environments, cross-curricular integration and lots of fun! Part of our aim as a school is to ensure that our learners are well-rounded individuals and Enrichment Week is one tool we use, ensuring that learning is not merely taught but caught through real-life experiences.

>Each term we focus our Enrichment Weeks on a specific theme and include workshops, seminars, special guests, outings etc. Examples of some of these themes include: (each week is so different and creative so below is a little snippet of these) 

JUMP Week (Jesus Uses Me Personally) - This week is dedicated to spiritual development and includes some amazing preaching, spiritual gifts workshops, prophetic art/dance and a BIG day called 'Spiritual Mania' - dedicated to praise, worship and encountering God in an awesome way. 

PAY IT FORWARD Week – This week we focus on social development and in particular how to be a part of a team. We look at how I fit into the world around me and are inspired by various speakers to develop good relationships, trust and skills for interacting with others in a positive way.

I AM AWESOME Week – This week we focus emotional development, discussing topics like dealing with conflict, learning through play, and how to handle and maintain solid relationships. This week includes various workshops to build self-esteem, find your purpose, team building projects and self-awareness exercises.

PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN Week – we live in a beautiful land and we have the opportunity to spend a whole week dedicated to exploring its greatness – history, food, cultures, dress and ending off with our famous 'braai day'.

OTHER THEMES – arts & culture week, science week, entrepreneurial week, careers week.