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Sport is a vital building block in a child’s development. Not only does it provide a foundation for healthy living and physical performance, it also provides the ideal environment where social/emotional skills can be modelled, engaged with and perfected. Right from the simplistic concepts of sharing and mutual consideration through to leadership, perseverance and overcoming defeat (and everything in between!), there are vital learning opportunities happening every time our learners get onto the sports field.

The following Sporting Codes are offered to students at Oasis Preparatory School: 

Grade 1 – 3: 



Ball Skills


Mini Soccer

Mini Cricket

Mini Hockey

kids playing soccor

kids playing soccor

Grade 4 – 7: 








Cross Country

Our Expectations of Students involved in Sport: 

Students must participate in two official school sport per term, subject to the rules and regulations of the school. 

Students are required to attend training sessions. An attendance register will be kept daily, which will indicate the level of their commitment to their team and their sport. Coaches will be required to assess their effort and ability in each sport at the end of each term.

The official Dress Code for Sport should be adhered to at all times.

We expect punctuality from all students in all age groups.

Students should be friendly and courteous at all times.

Students are to follow instructions promptly and without questioning.

Students are to respect their teachers, coaches, umpires, referees and parents. This include respect for decisions taken during matches and training sessions.

Teams are to show responsibility to their environment, always ensuring that facilities (including buses, parents’ cars, stands and fields) are left in a clean and neat condition.

All students should cultivate a winning attitude, but to must be taught that to be gracious in losing is most important.

Students are to show concern and care for those around them – ensuring that their peers are encouraged to give their best and not ridiculed for making mistakes

Students are to conduct themselves in word, attitude and deed in an exemplary manner on and off the sports field and thus displaying the character of Christ at all times.