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The heart behind everything we do at Oasis Preparatory School, is to help our students develop their own personal relationship with Jesus, and build their lives from a Biblical viewpoint. We trust that in every part of our academic programme and extra-curricular programme a desire for Jesus is fanned into flame and that these programmes not only give them a sufficient understanding of who God is but also make way for them to encounter God for themselves. We believe in the active power of the whole God Head (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and encourage each student to live lives that are both supernaturally natural and naturally supernatural. This includes embracing the gifts of the Holy Spirit, living our lives in the same way that Jesus did when he was here on earth and following the commands given by our loving Father in Heaven as laid out in the Bible.

We also passionately believe that every child, no matter who they are, has a special purpose from God and it is our job (in partnership with parents) to bring this out in each child. Students are activated in their faith by participating in daily devotional times, weekly discipleship groups and various training programmes that provide ample opportunity for worship, prayer and bible study. They are taught and rewarded for godly character, and participate actively in community outreach, international ministry trips and church life. To find out more about these exciting opportunities for spiritual growth at Oasis, please follow the various links on this page.


Each day starts out with a class devotional time. Here students are given the opportunity to build their faith, engage with the Bible and encounter God through worship & prayer. Our desire is for each student to leave the academy having encountered God and not merely learned about God. These times are vital in teaching core values, discussing relevant issues from a Biblical worldview and helping each child form their identity in Christ.


We believe that what we speak has incredible power and that our words CREATE our realities. This means that we need to be people who are declaring LIFE into everything that we are and all we do. We have used the following declarations as a key part of our daily classroom routine to help students begin to use their tongues to shape their destiny. Try it for a month – it will transform you.Click here to view our declarations


At Oasis, our assemblies take on a different look and feel. Instead of the traditional formal programme, we desire to use these times to inject life into the school and grow unity. Assemblies include worship times led by the school band, inspiring messages, use of media and creative teaching aids as well as a whole lot of fun. We also use these opportunities to reward godly character and special achievements.


'If there be any truer measure of a man than by what he does, it must be by what he gives' (Robert South) Giving is a culture we want to instil in every student as they embark on discovering their purpose. All students participate in termly outreaches to help build the lives of those less privileged in our community. These include: visiting elderly homes, clinics, disadvantaged schools, soup kitchens and contributing to various appeals from local aid organisations.