Principal's Letter

Dear Prospective Parents & Students

Thank you for taking time to find out about our beautiful school! I trust that as you browse through our website you will become familiar with all that makes Oasis a unique and exciting place for you and your family.

Our vision and values can be summed up in one statement: 'We believe in each individual child living in God's perfect plan for their life, loving God and each other wholeheartedly, learning every step of the way to be leaders that shake this world for Jesus'.

LIVING – LOVING – LEARNING – LEADING has become our motto, and drives our mission to become a top-quality educational institute where we prepare each student to become world-changers with strong biblical foundations. On average our children spend about 1450 hours a year at school. Whether you acknowledge this fact or not, schools play a huge role in shaping who your child becomes, ultimately helping them forge the path of their future destiny. This means that we should know without doubt what foundations our schools are built on – their values, the educational beliefs that guide their practices, the support and opportunities available for developing students, and the environment in which our children will spend a large part of their days. That's why at Oasis Preparatory School we want you to know what makes us unique:

Educational Beliefs Outcomes

'The Bible Plus Nothing, The Bible Minus Nothing'

Each student is encouraged to encounter God for themselves and live out their lives with the Word of God as their guide. Our emphasis is on developing Christ-like character that will ensure success in all areas.
'Unique, Individualised Approach' Taking into account learner differences, learners are encouraged to progress at their own pace with strategies tailor-made to suit their strengths & weaknesses. Each learner is expected to perform at their best and not merely according to a predetermined ‘average’.
'Developing the Whole Child' Our approach is multi-faceted, focusing on developing your child in five areas: spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially. These cannot be seen in isolation but all work together to ensure a well-rounded, well-adjusted and secure young adult graduates from the Academy.
'We believe in World-Changers' Our children have been destined for greatness. As we work in partnership with parents, we aim to see each student find their unique purpose and learn to live out this purpose to change the world in which we live.

We trust that this is helpful as you make the 'all-important' decision about your child's education. We look forward to partnering with you in the future.

Kind Regards,

Mr. Matt Hogarty (PRINCIPAL)