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Dear Prospective Parents & Students
Thank you for taking time to find out about our beautiful school! I trust that as you browse through our website you will become familiar with all that makes Oasis a unique and exciting place for you and your family.
Our vision and values can be summed up in one statement: 'We believe in each individual child living in God's perfect plan for their life, loving God and each other wholeheartedly, learning every step of the way to be leaders that shake this world for Jesus'.
Why we think it is important at Oasis Prep School.
Considering the fact that our children go to school for 1400 hours per year (on average), there is little doubt that choosing the right school is probably one of the most important decisions we make as parents. When confronted with this figure, we will quickly realize that there is more time spent at school than at home, thus we need to be sure that we choose well.

So what factors should you be considering as a parent when choosing a school:
  1. Values, Ethos & Culture:

    Since the school environment will be one of the biggest influencers of your child’s thinking, core beliefs, character and behavior, you need to ensure that the school (and your child’s teachers) have similar values to you, the parents. The school culture should be an extension of your home culture, offering your child a consistent pattern for life.

  2. Nurturing Environment:

    like a sapling needs the right care, ingredients and environment to grow into a tree, so our children need a nurturing environment to develop their self-esteem, unique character, and core identity. This means that the environment should be free from fear, bullying, negativity, peer pressure. You need to ensure that you choose a school that prioritizes safety (physical, emotional and social) and helps your child to feel love, acceptance, and significance.

  • Develops Unique Talents:

    In our homes we can see that no two children are alike. They have unique personalities, abilities, likes etc. To bring these unique offerings to the fore, we need to ensure that the school environment fosters individual development. This means that comparison, conformity, and attempts to make ‘everyone the same’ are not the order of the day, and are not killing our children’s confidence and creativity (the spark of life!)

  • Quality:

    There is no substitute for quality. Quality relationships, quality learning, quality memories, quality service. This is important when choosing a school because ‘bigger is not always better’. We often think that bigger schools, facilities, and more activities means my child will ‘do better’, but this is not always the case. It is often in smaller classes, with less activities that children have more opportunity to delve deeper into learning and quality is maximized.

  • At Oasis Preparatory School (co-ed Grade 1-7) in Howick, we want to be the right choice for you. With a focus on building Christian values, excellent facilities and an ethos that fosters uniqueness and creativity, the school has a proven track record of quality education and is fast becoming the hidden gem of the Midlands. Offering small class sizes, a focus on developing individual learning styles, tuition in internationally accredited curriculums (Singapore Maths, English, Science), a diverse extra-curricular offering, mentorship classes aimed at fostering emotional growth, aftercare option and a team of qualified & experienced teachers all make for a GREAT school. At Oasis Prep School we don’t want to see students just surviving their school days, but rather thriving in an environment that nurtures their individual talents and gives them the necessary life skills to succeed.

    We trust that this is helpful as you make the 'all-important' decision about your child's education.
    We look forward to partnering with you in the future.

    Kind Regards,
    Mr. Matt Hogarty