Technology is constantly upgrading and is advancing at an incredible rate! At OPS we strive to ensure that learners are confident and proficient in this area. All grades take part in computer lessons at least once a week. The curriculum we use is Computers for Kids and ITSI. These programs focus on teaching skills in a fun and practical way. Learners are taught how to use the computer and the Internet as a research tool as well as 'the basics' - Word, Excel, PowerPoint - in a safe environment. These times are much anticipated and enjoyed by all.


itsiITSI is the computer programme we use for High School learners. It consists of exercises, skill checks and examinations to ensure learning takes place. Learners use Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint as well as learning web design and much more! Once exams are completed, learners are issued with a nationally recognised certificate.


4699688Computers for Kids is the computer programme we use for our Grade 1-7 students. It teaches basic skills, touch typing and much more through fun programmes such as Scratch, Tux Paint and Free Mind. Grade 7 learners write examinations and will be issued with a Silver, Gold or Platinum Certificate once their course is completed.