Junior Primary

At Grade 1 level the learning-to-read programme is implemented. We use the Keys to Reading Success programme, which utilizes a number of outstanding reading tools:

  • An online reading diagnosis with a critical difference -- Keys to Reading Success not only identifies a student's reading level, but shows you why students are struggling and how to solve the problem in the shortest time
  • Individual Prescriptive Reading Plan tells you immediately which skills the student needs to work on next
  • Provides proven metacognitive lesson plans using accelerated learning techniques to ensure rapid success - Phonics, Comprehension, Vocabulary, Fluency Content Area Reading, and Study and Test-taking Skills
  • Contains an Accelerated Learning Style and Brain Hemispheric Assessment

This system is used for Grade 1-5 students.

Grade 1:
English (written, grammar & spoken)
Life Skills

Grade 2:
English (written, grammar & spoken)
Life Skills
Afrikaans (conversational)
Zulu (conversational)

Grade 3:
English (written, grammar & spoken)
Life Skills
Afrikaans (both spoken & written)
Zulu (both spoken & written)

Students at this level are trained to:

  • set goals, meet deadlines and take responsibility for their own learning
  • develop critical-thinking skills
  • think creatively and independently
  • develop their own relationship with Jesus in a fun, nurturing environment

Termly outings, devotional groups, enrichment weeks, life orientation, public speaking competitions, discipleship group and our exciting sporting & cultural programme means that every student's needs are catered for.

We also focus on ‘Inquiry Based Learning’ where our students’ questions and curiosity form the basis for lessons. These are fun, out-of-the-box days that are loved by all students!

We strongly believe in the potential of every child and our qualified staff is passionate about seeing this potential realised. That's why we use creative, tailor-made strategies that suit the individual child, to ensure quality learning is taking place – and of course adding a whole lot of fun into the mix. Our culture of encouragement and positive speech permeates our campus and this ensures we maintain an 'I can do all things' attitude and makes Oasis a place for optimal development.